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Vote Tá/Yes

This year’s OFFF Festival was on the same day of the Irish abortion referendum to repeal 8th amendment. 
The eighth amendment is a clause in the Irish constitution that recognises the equal right to life of both mother and unborn child, effectively prohibiting abortion in almost all cases. 
I have printed couple of hundreds postcards to allow non-irish supporters to write a symbolic “YES” and not leave Ireland alone in this important day.
This is the coloured and dynamic result.

On 25 May 2018, the Irish people voted by 66.4% to remove the Eighth Amendment, choosing to replace it with the above text as a part of the Thirty-sixth Amendment to the Constitution, permitting the Oireachtas (parliament) to legislate for the regulation of termination of pregnancy.

Some of the "voters".
"Yes" in different language, style and colors.